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What's New from May 2001
May 1, 2001
We are counting down. In two weeks I will have the okay from my doctor and we will finally head north. I can't wait. I just updated the web site Ron's column---Beware of Magnets, Barb's article---A Real Bed and one more old newsletter---the May 1994 issue talks about lots of adventures in New Mexico and the July 1994 issue which covers our first visit to Colorado.

Even though I have dated some of the articles as being uploaded May 1, I am a half a day ahead of schedule. We are getting our carpet cleaned early tomorrow (May 1) and I have to take down the computer so they can get under the desk to clean. 

May 2
Now we really are alone here. Everyone who hadn't left in April left yesterday. That is okay I am getting web page work done. Here is another of those old newsletters. September 1994 details some bad times that we had in Colorado. 

May 4
I have changed the question on the quizlett. To get to it go to the main page.

May 5
I have added another issue of the old newsletters (October 1994). This one has a terrific article on fires in RVs from a couple who watched their motorhome burn to the ground in seconds. 

I need some feed back. Do you read these old newsletters? Please let me know if you do and what you think of them. And I'd like to know if you don't bother to go there and your reasons for that. If it is not a popular part of our site, I may delete it or at least not add any more. 

May 9
They say it is WARM here, but I call it HOT. The temperature yesterday was 106 and it will be the same today. It cools down to the mid 70s at night. Since the rest rooms closed across from us and since everyone is gone on our street, we don't see anyone all day long. I mentioned to Ron yesterday that we could probably sit out side naked and no one would know. As soon as I said that a man came walking down the street so I think we will keep our clothes on. I was just kidding anyway.

I appreciate your response to my question below. It seems you all love the newsletters. Since I have been including the Letters from the original issues, you have said you enjoy them as well as our travels, Ron's Potpourri and This n That. Here are the last four newsletters that I am adding this winter (spring now). I will not be adding anymore until we are sitting still with a land line again and who knows how long that will be. 

November 1994---Mesa, Arizona
Our first visit to Valle del Oro
December 1994---More from Mesa
In and Around Mesa is the main story
February 1995
The Coachilla Valley of California
March 1995
Death Valley, Las Vegas and Sedona, Arizona

May 13
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there.

I had a thought this morning on our way to church. We always say that we have the whole United States as our back yard (so we aren't stuck in our RV), but here in Arizona when temperatures are over 100 we ARE stuck inside. People say that living inside with air conditioning during the summer months here is not that much different from those who live inside with furnaces on in the winter. In the northern states in the winter one does not have to be trapped  inside as there are many winter activities one can do. Just dress warm and go. Here in Arizona in the summer, there is no way one can play in this heat. People do not go to the pools during the day; they go in the evening when it is still 80 degrees or more. Imagine boating or hiking in this heat and it has only just begun. I don't think I could live here year round. 

We are all set to go Tuesday morning. The motorhome is clean inside and out and the bikes are on the top of the car. Everything that was out (lawn chairs etc.,) has been stowed away. I probably won't be posting notices as often as I have been, but I will do my best to update this page as often as I can. Watch for us on the highways and byways and honk or wave when you see us. 

May 19
We are here in Glenns Ferry, Idaho, and it is beautiful here in the park. What a treat to be surrounded with lots of lush green grass and trees with leaves. We had been too long in the desert.
We will only be in this spot for a couple of days then we will move to the new sites which are being created for volunteers. That site won't be pretty (it is in the maintenance yard) but we will have full hook ups where we only have water and electric here. The new visitor center is lovely, but we won't start work for a few more days. Meanwhile we have been checking things out in and around Glenns Ferry. 

Our trip here was nice. We took US 93 almost all of the way. We picked that route up in Arizona (north west of Phoenix). Our first stop was Vegas and we stayed two nights at Sam's Town which was right on our route. We did not leave the area and the car remained attached to the motorhome. We did spend a little time at the Sam's Town casino and on my birthday, I won over $200.

From Vegas we continued on US 93 which is a route we had taken before. There is hardly any traffic and the road is terrific. There are no towns to speak of so it is just desert driving. 

The only town of any significance was perfect for a stop. Ely is at the intersection of US 50 and 93. The best thing about Ely is there is a Holiday Inn there which has a campground with full hook up sites. The real treat is that you can stay for two nights for free. We only stayed one night and we ate in the hotel dining room and took advantage of the 10% discount they offered to campers. Such a deal. 

The third part of the trip was just as easy. We continued on 93 all the way through Nevada. In the northern part of the route, we were treated to snow capped mountains in front of us and on the driver's side. 

We came to US 30 just south of I-84 in Idaho (near Twin Falls) and turned west. Just a few miles from Glenns Ferry, 30 met up with I-84 so we jumped on to finish the trip. 

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