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What's New from May 2003

May 1, 2003
We have changed our plans slightly. When we leave here early in June, we will have a little passenger with us for a couple of weeks. My grandson Erkki (from West Palm Beach, Florida,) will be flying in on June 3 and we are going to take him to the Grand Canyon for his special grandchild camping treat. It just worked out that this year would be good for him so we are doing it and I am excited because prior to this we only camped in the Canyon once and that was only for one night. We will take him to some of the other parks nearby but haven't finalized those plans yet. We will have to come back to Mesa on the 14th so he can fly out early on June 15. From that point we will head north towards Idaho and the Life on Wheels Conference. 

My new article in Thoughts from Barb is My Closet is Bare Ron's new article in From the Driver's Seat is Spring is Different Here. Spring is truly exceptional here. I will try to post some pictures soon of the many flowering plants in our yard and neighborhood. I also hope to have another Our House (old newsletter article) ready to post soon so keep checking this page. Notice that we have a link to the Rally information page. If you haven't heard about the rally, click on the link above.

New Mystery Picture
You did good last month.. There were a lot of correct guesses. This one might be a bit tougher. Here's a clue: The sign at the trail head says "Skull Rock Trail." If you think you know where we were when this picture was taken go to our  Guess Page and play the game.

May 4, 2003
We just heard that Jaimie Hall author of Support Your RV Lifestyle!  An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road and co-editor of RV Traveling Tales Women's Journeys on the Open Road will be at our rally in October and of course she will be doing seminars on working on the road. You certainly won't want to miss this opportunity to hear what she has to say. Click above for more information on the Movin' On Rally in the Canyon. 

May 7
The colors in our neighborhood are beautiful at this time of the year. Click on the little images to see it bigger. The second, third and fourth pictures are from our house.

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May 13
We have decided to add Zion National Park to the first part of our trip this summer. We pick grandson, Erkki, up in Phoenix in the evening of June 3 and after loading up the motorhome we will take off for Grand Canyon National park. We have reservations in the national park campground (no hookups) for three nights. Then we will move to Zion and spend 5 nights in the park campground (electricity). Both campgrounds can easily accommodate our 40 foot motorhome and I made reservations on line at www.nps.gov. It was easy and by doing it that way I could see what kinds of spaces they had. We will help Erkki earn his Junior Ranger Badge at both parks. We will take two days to drive back to Mesa stopping somewhere along the way. He flies back to Florida on June 15 then we start our trek to Idaho. 

The temperatures here have been wonderful. We expected that it would reach triple digits by now but so far (knock on wood) it has been very comfortable. Yesterday for the first time we turned on the air conditioner for a couple of hours.

I just added a link to the American RV and Marine site where we will be presenting seminars on September 20 and 21 so you can see what that place looks like. When you go to that site, there is a number you can call to make your reservation for that rally. 

May 17
I just uploaded another of the old newsletters. This one from November 1995 has great information about a favorite place of ours in west Texas and a huge Bounder rally that we attended near San Antonio. Hope you enjoy it. I will start work on another one right away.

May 18
I am on a roll. I just finished and posted another of the old newsletters. This one from December 1995 has an article on how to pack an RV for full or part time travel as well as a little about our time in Port Isabel, Texas. 

May 21
We are going to take a little trip to Laughlin, Nevada, on our way to visit my son Mark and his family who live north of Los Angeles. We will leave Thursday morning and come back Monday or Tuesday. We will take the computer with us so if you want to take advantage of our Bonus you only have a few days left to do so. Click above for details. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. 

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