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What's New From May 2005

May 1
I think that I have fully recovered from Valley Fever and the good news is that now I am immune to it and will never get it again. Also, I am considered a true Arizonan now. After hearing that, my only comment was great, now all I need is to have termites in my house.

I promised last month hat I would tell you about a special trip we will be taking this coming September. When we were on our cruise last July, we truly enjoyed all the snippets of each country we visited, but I was left wanting a lot more. Like we did in our RV life, I wanted to stay in each new place long enough to get to know it and really feel like I lived there. When we came home, I decided to research home swapping and was pleased that there are a number of web sites devoted to this sort of thing. After checking them all out, we decided to join Home Exchange (only 49.95 per year). Here is our listing on that site.

After signing up I began looking for someone to swap with and the first people we contacted were very receptive. We do not know Brenda and Peter in Sawbridgeworth, England, but they are coming here September 10th and we are leaving for their house on September 12. They will come back to England on October 15 and we leave for Arizona on October 17. I like the two little overlaps so we get to know them a little. We not only will trade houses, but we will be trading cars as well. While here, they plan to do plenty of touring nearby (Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas etc) and while we are in their home we plan to go to Scotland and maybe even to Germany, France, Spain or whatever. 

What do you think of this? Doesn't it sound like fun? I am listing some of the other home exchange sites for you to compare. You may be interested to know that people trade for RVs too.

Vacation Home Exchange
Home Base Holidays
Home Link
International Home Exchange

Last month's question was: When you made the decision to full-time, did you also consider how long you would stay on the road?
The most votes (54%) went to the following response. We planned to stay out until we got tired of it. 
19% said that would travel 1-5 years. 

The new question is:  How has the present high cost of fuel impacted your life on the road or your decision to go full-timing (if you are not on the road yet).To participate in the new question and to see the complete results from last month please go to the poll page

New Mystery Picture

A fair number correctly guessed last month's Mystery Picture. If you are curious what the answer was and want to play the game please click on the following link and play the game. Mystery Picture page

If you have been a regular visitor to our site it will be fairly easy for you to figure out where we were when we took this picture. 

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