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What's New From May 2006

May 1, 2006
We expect our first 100 degree day any day now so it must be summer. We really don't mind the heat here. Last month I had the picture of snow on our mountains. 

On Wednesday, May 3, I am going into the hospital for one night to get my right shoulder repaired. I have a torn rotator cuff. I don't anticipate any problems but I will be unable to do a lot of things I take for granted for a little while. I taught Ron how to iron the other day and also had him practice putting my eye liner on. My arm will be in a sling for 4-6 weeks so I will need help getting dressed and doing a lot of things. 

Ron just had another check up with his urologist and is still off of Lupron for at least another 3 months. That is great news. Imagine that it was 12 years ago that he had his surgery for prostate cancer and was told that it had metastasized; he was given two years to live. We praise God every day that he is still alive and by all appearances well--just a little over weight. Both of us intend to lose weight in the next two months. 

I have already cast the next play, The Curious Savage, but won't begin working on that until fall. Meanwhile we are planning a trip to visit my son in LA the end of June and from there we will go to Vegas for 3 days. I have signed up to be in a Texas Hold'em poker tournament while there. That should be fun; I play it on line (with play money) all the time and love the tournaments. 

I have added another of our old newsletters to the Our House section and am working on yet another one. The one that is posted is from July/August 1997 and it contains a lot of interesting little stories plus the usual columns. 

Last month's question was:  As a full-timer how do (will) you get your reoccurring prescription drugs?
To see the complete results please go to the poll page

The new question is: As a full-timer do (will) you travel with a GPS?
To vote please go to the poll page

Just after I posted this page I got an email from good full-timing friends who shared some great information about GPS and I want to share that with you.


We use a small portable handheld GPS unit - a Garmin Quest. It is small enough to switch between the motorhome and Honda CR-V and I can drop it in my shirt pocket for hikes and city walking tours.

A sweet voice tells us where to turn and helps us anyway she can. I can key in Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrel, etc., and she immediately routes us there. We really love the GPS when sightseeing because she knows all the back roads and when we are ready to go home, one press of a button routes us on the most direct roads to our motorhome.

A little over a year ago I wrote a review of my GPS and I have heard from dozens of people who bought the same model on my recommendation. (Wish I got commissions.) I get several emails daily asking questions about fulltiming, cost of fulltiming, which motorhome to buy, about solar panels, etc. About 30% of the questions ask about GPS units so I know that is a hot item.

E-mail: normlindapayne@earthlink.net
Web Page: See Ya' Down The Road

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