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What's New Old Pages    May 1998
Posted May 1
An Alternative Lifestyle---Book Two is coming right along. We have been working steady on the new book and only have a little more to write. But don't look for it in stores yet. The next step will be the primary editing which will probably include some additional writing. Then we will edit again, before sending it out to a professional editor. The book cover has been designed and soon I will be able to post a picture of it. Because this book continues where the first one left off, we decided to stick with the same name and just add "Book Two." We really think that it will complement the other nicely.

We really don't have much else to report right now. It is extra quiet here and that makes for good working conditions, but we sure are anxious to get going. Just a little longer and we can hit the road again. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Posted May 8
Good news/bad news. The book has been written and is ready for the next stages, but when we took a good look at what was left to be done we realized that it would take the whole summer. We are not willing to give up the whole summer to work on it. So it is on hold. We are going to start playing right now by doing some fun touring right here in the Phoenix area. We are going to explore some of the roads which are off the beaten path and we will share a little of those adventures right here on our web site.

Posted May 25
Heading out and it sure feels good. We have been busy checking the air pressure in the tires, water in the batteries, doing laundry and in general putting things away that have been out much too long. I only wish I could buy enough bread to last all summer. We found a bakery here that makes the very most wonderful, hearty, bread. Alpine Valley Breads (on Power Road--across from the Superstition Mall) has been our bakery since October and we are spoiled. Wednesday we will buy two or three more loaves and keep them in the freezer. I will cry when we toast the last piece.

In preparation for leaving, we even washed the motorhome; the screens are nice and clean and I oiled all the woodwork inside. This beautiful motorhome is just that.

We made a couple trips up to the Sedona area and visited with friends who were there. Jerry and Marge Clark have been volunteers at Red Rock State Park. This park does not have a campground but as volunteers they have the nicest spot in the area. And they say the work is easy. If any of you are looking for a nice volunteering position check it out. I wish you could see their new Alpha 5th wheel. It has a built in computer desk to die for among other things.

We also finally met Robin and Victoria Jenkinson while they were camping at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood. Robin subscribed to our newsletter long, long ago while they were still living in France. They are English but had lived in France for a long time. After joining FMCA, he read about us and got our book. His dream was to travel like we do here in our country. In 1994 they came to the US and have been RVing for almost two years (first they settled near his daughter's in California). We were excited to finally meet after being pen pals for so long. They travel in a 34 foot Airstream trailer with four dogs. One is a Newfoundland; the other three are small. Talk about having a family on the road. Victoria fixed a nice lunch for us. She is a gourmet cook and a talented artist specializing in painting animals. We were excited to see some of her work.

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