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What's New Old Pages  from May 1999
Posted May 1
I just sent out a new newsletter  I am not changing this page right now as I have nothing new to add. I'll wait until I get pictures of my bruised and swollen face after my surgery on May 3. Yes, sure. Don't bet on it.

Posted May 2
I should have added a P.S. to the newsletter that goes like this:
My husband must be very trusting to leave me with our house (which I can easily drive). Everything we own is in this house except for the suitcase Ron took with him to Michigan and I even have two checkbooks and the car. I could be gone and traveling before he knew what hit him. But of course something very important would be missing and that is my partner.

I met my neighbor, Alice, (she lives behind me and down a bit) yesterday at the mail box. Casually she said, "I should tell you that my husband died at 4 o'clock this morning." I was in shock. And I have been thinking about that a lot since yesterday. Alice's husband went to the hospital on Thursday (the same day Ron left). Ron will be home, but her husband never will. That is so sad.

I wrote this to give us all something to think about.

Posted May 4
So far so good. I am recovering from my surgery and doing okay. Just wanted you all to know I was okay. I decided to move the Folies stuff off of here and put it in the old news section. So I will keep you updated here.

I hope you are not in Okalhoma or Kansas. My son and his family lives in Moore and thankfully her called to say he was okay. What a terrible storm!!

Posted May 11
I was doing okay until my second surgery on Friday, May 7. That was terrible. I mean it went well (so the dentist said), but I was in a lot of pain. Ron was so worried about me that he flew back to Mesa to be with me especially since my friend Karen and her husband Patrick were heading off for the summer on Sunday. Ron flew in Sunday and that has made a  big difference in my psyche. I shouldn't have sent him away. On Monday when I went to the dentist, I got my temporary teeth and that has helped too. In fact, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ron will fly back to Michigan Friday so he can attend his son's wedding but he will return here by Monday morning. The stitches come out Monday and a week later (if all goes well) we can finally start the engine of this house and move on. I can't wait. Thanks for all of your good wishes. They certainly helped pick me up when I was down.

Posted May 12
I just posted another of Ron's articles in View from the Driver's Seat. This one is about membership campgrounds and a hard lesson that we learned so you won't make the same mistake.

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