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What's New from May 2000
May 5, 2000
I now have a column of my own.
It is called Thoughts from Barb. Click on the photo of me for the first installment.

We have been playing  in central California. Today we rode our bikes from our campground in Buellton to Solvang which is a neat Danish town.  We ate lunch which was a delicious plate of Danish open faced sandwiches at the Solvang Restaurant. For dessert we had some of their famous ableskevers which were sinfully wonderful. These treats are like a puff pastry which is covered with powdered sugar and raspberry jam. Yummy!!!  Right next door was another bakery restaurant. We looked but didn't buy because we were so full.

We have been touring some of the California Missions which are beautiful. All of them have the most gorgeous gardens.

A  few days ago we were at this lovely campground.

Our friends, the Stewarts, took us there and they say we should keep it a secret. The road getting to this hideaway was pretty hairy with hairpin curves and a good grade so only the most adventuresome would go anyway. Just for fun (no monetary reward), if you think you know where we were, go to our new fun page play the game.

May 16, 2000
We are in Petaluma, California, for a while visiting my son Robert who is stationed at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center here.  He is the Pastry Chef teacher here and I will have a report  on what goes on there in a few days.

Before coming here we spent a delightful few days in Visalia where we met up with full-timers Cec and Judy. While there we got to visit a delightful town that I want all of you to know about. Exeter is a little town full of Murals and lots of nice people. Please see the story  by clicking on the above link or either of the pictures below.

May 19, 2000
We took a drive to Muir Woods National Monument the other day. Always love seeing those big trees. Can't get enough of them. If you haven't been to northern California and have never seen the redwoods, please put that on your must see list.

I just uploaded another of Ron's terrific articles. Click to see what he has to say about Challenges.

We are really enjoying our visit with Robert and Kristen. Although they are both very busy we managed time here and there for visits and hugs. Kristen is the manager of a Bath and Body Works store in nearby Santa Rosa and Robert has two jobs (see the May 16th entry). His second job is as a baker in a small restaurant in Cotati plus he bakes cakes for weddings and other special occasions. The only time they see each other is in passing since Robert mostly works nights. Such is the life of a baker. If you'd like to see what goes on at the U. S. Coast Guard food service school and my birthday cake click on the little chef.  On Sunday May 21, we will move out to the base and dry camp in a field there so we can attend more classes and I may even stay up real late to get more pictures (the final products as they come out of the ovens).

We have been staying behind the Elks club in Petaluma. After Ron reinstated his membership in the Elks club we are privileged to be able to "camp" in lodges which have RV parking facilities.

By the way we think that California is too pretty for words. So here is a picture of Highway 99 north of Visalia. The median was full of red, pink, and white flowers.

May 20, 2000
I'm mad, frustrated and you name it. Read about it in It Ain't Fair---It Just Ain't Fair.

May 22, 2000
We've moved to the Coast Guard base and are at home in this beautiful setting.

Because we are close to the galley now, we went up last night to see what goodies they made. I have added to the original story so click on either of these pictures to go back to the Learning to Bake page.

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