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What's New From May 2004

May 1
I have changed the mini poll again and posted the results of the last poll. The new question is about health insurance for full-timers. Since the old poll with that same question was old, I wanted to get a fresh response. I also removed all of the old polls because I intend to do them all fresh. Please plan to visit this site every couple of weeks to praticipate. Please take the time to respond. Mini Poll

I intend to post a couple more old newsletter stories shortly so don't go too far away. Also Ron has an interesting story to tell and I will post that in a day or two. Please come back soon.

New Mystery Picture
I really thought more would respond to our last mystery picture. Everyone that did guess was correct so that is good. I guess that a lot of you haven't been to what I consider our most beautiful national park yet. 

Okay here is one I hope a lot of you will get right. To play the game from this and other months please go to our Mystery Picture page.

May 2
Ron went right to work and did an article which I am sure you are all anxious to read. He has lots of fans and this story is about his little fans. Mr. Ron has Many Little Friends.

I am still working on the old newsletter story and it should be posted by Monday afternoon.

May 3
I just added the newsletter story from September 1996. The main headline is Water Water Everywhere.

May 9
Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers. 

Need to ask you to help a friend of ours. We wrote about them and their wonderful music and I just got the following email from Diane. She is poised to win a wonderful award but she needs our help. If you have ever been at any of the Great North American rallies and heard her sing you would vote for her in a minute. Please take a minute to read her email and follow her instructions. Listen to the competition and vote for her if you indeed think she deserves to win. Just remember you can only vote once (read their disclaimer that they moniter computers so they will know if you try to vote more than once). Thanks in advance.

This is the craziest thing!

I entered the WSM (a radio station in Nashville) song contest a while back, then forgot about it, except to now and then wonder, "I wonder who won that thing?"

Well, I ended up in the top 30, and I could use some help from all my friends and those of you who've bought my CD's in the past.

If you have a few minutes, could you please go to the WSMonline.com website, go to the Merle Haggard songwriter contest and vote for me (Dianne Killen/I Just Can't Find it In My Heart).  If you'd like to hear the whole song, go to thekillens.com, Dianne Killen/Pattern of My Heart, it's the last song on my CD, and I believe it is on the preview list. 

The url is:   http://www.wsmonline.com/page.asp?SID=1&Page=221

The voting closes May 21st, and you can vote 5 points on one artist only. 

If I make it to the final four, Merle Haggard picks the winner, and the winner goes to Roswell, NM to open a concert and records a song with him.  (I'm not sure which is more cool, singing with Merle or seeing the spaceships!  Merle wins.....)

Thanks for your help, and if you know anyone else who could vote, thanks for passing this on....

Isn't Life Full of Surprises?

Dianne Killen

 May 14
I thought you might like to know where we are going on our cruise. I wanted to add a link directly to our itinery page but Holland American's site doesn't work like that. So I printed the page then scaned it. To see our full trip schedule click here.

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