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What's New Old Pages   November 1999
  The complete details to go with these pictures are in the newsletters.
If you are looking for the October pictures they are in the October issue of What's New
If you are looking for our schedule of seminars for January click here.Seminars
Posted October 31
I just uploaded a new View from the Driver's Seat article.  Thought you'd like to see Ron at work (volunteering) with his second grade class.

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted November 3
I just took out the article I had written about Valle del Oro because the rates have risen so high, that we feel this park is not worth what is being charged. The annual rate has risen to over $3,000. We are glad that we don't own a park model here because it would be harder to give up. With wheels on our house we can go anywhere. We may or may not come back here next winter.  Valle del Oro is NOT the only park of that caliber in the area.

Posted November 4,
I have just posted a bunch of new recipes which are delicious. 

Posted November 7, 1999
I have just added two more old newsletters (March and April 1993) to our Our House section. Check them out.

Posted November 9, 1999
I just posted a new guest article which I think you will enjoy. An Unwelcomed Visitor.

Tom and Carol Vind, whom we visited this past summer at their home on Woman Lake in Minnesota brought their boat down to Mesa with them this year. And we were lucky enough to be invited to explore a little of nearby Canyon Lake with them this past Sunday. We packed lunches, picked up the boat from its storage lot and headed to the lake. It was a perfect day and we thought you'd like to see some of the pictures.

Posted November 10, 1999
I just sent out a mini newsletter with some last minute information and have posted it on the newsletter page.

We will be leaving here Thursday afternoon. We are so excited (yes, even after nearly 11 years on the road). We are leaving early to go to Tucson (Beaudry RV) to have the front tire recall done before really rolling. We will probably make a bee line to Texas then slow down. Don't know where we will stop or when, but we will try to make updates often.

Posted November 18, 1999 (New Braunfels, Texas----near San Antonio)
This is such a lovely place and we can't wait to tell you about the big live oak trees which are decorated with spanish moss. I will send out a newsletter in a couple of days. But first of all I want to apologize for accidently including about 100 address in our last newsletter. I was tired. Good thing that all of them (over 600) didn't get slipped in.

Next, we wanted to share a letter we sent to our grandchildren  We saw cotton being harvested near Tucson so we picked up a few pieces of cotton and took a few pictures to help the kids learn about cotton. Click here to see the letter and pictures. COTTON

Posted November 21, 1999
We are not Movin' On. See the story in our most recent newsletter. Click here (accident) to see what we look like.

On a happier note, I wanted to share a beautiful new table we have. Before we left Mesa, our good friend, Grant Joy made it for me after I expressed a desire to have a table on my steering wheel. He is such a clever guy and we appreciate his efforts. I can't tell you how he made it, but maybe the pictures will help. As you can see, he made it out of beautiful walnut and I feel guilty covering it, but...  I told him to make it out of inexpensive wood, but he wanted it to be the best. What a friend!!!!!

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