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What's New From November 2005

November 1
Life is getting back to normal and that means that we are busy. Play practice started and we have something going every night this week. It will be like that for the next four months. I will try to keep everyone posted as to what is going on.

Ron had his check up with the urologist at The Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale today and the good news is that his PSA is undetectable. Remember that Ron was given two years to live back in 1994 after he was diagnosed with metastasized prostate cancer. With Lupron (hormone) treatment he has done well. Mind you the cancer is still there but it is well under control. He will remain off of Lupron for at least four months and depending on where the PSA goes, he may stay off longer or have to go back on. 

Last month's question was: As a full-timer what are (will be) your sources of income? 
To see the complete results please go to the poll page

The new question is: If and when you decide to quit full-timing, where will you settle down?
To vote please go to the poll page

Mystery Picture
I thought that the picture from last month would be easy, but only a couple guessed and they were correct. To play the game, please go to the Mystery Picture page . I am not going to have any more mystery pictures as it doesn't seem to be very popular any more. 

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