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What's New from November 2001
October 30, 2001
  • I have just uploaded the following pages:
  • We had a lot of fun the other day at a car show at the same place that the mystery picture was taken. There were hundreds of cars on display. Here is an overall shot.

    Ron found a 1950 Mecury like he used to have but black was not the normal color.

    How about this for a modern day tow vehicle?
    We also found a couple of RVs on display.

    This motorhome was a real gem. And it was hand made by the owner above. Don't you love his bicycle? 
    I was sorry that I didn't get his name. The inside was lovely. 

     Notice the brass bunk beds behind the sink. On the right is a bathtub under the bench seat.

    Here's a trailer towed by the car in front of it.

    Another mystery picture. Where were we?  No one even tried to guess last month so I must have given you a real mystery. This month's picture should be easy (see the pictures above for a hint). Also read last month's entry to see what state we were in and even where in the state we were for a further hint.
    If you want to see the answer to last month's mystery or to play the game from other months please go to our Guess page.

    November 4
    We are now in Columbia, South Carolina, and will only be here for three days. There is a huge crowd coming in early this for the big football game between Georgia and South Carolina this coming weekend.

    We had a nice crowd for our seminar in the Charlotte area. Everyone seemed to be truly interested in the full-timing lifestyle and they asked lots of great questions.

    One day last week we took a drive to Mooresville, North Carolina, specifically to visit  the 102 year old hardware store in town. What a treat that was. I love old hardware stores and their squeaky floors.

    November 9 
    We are now in Charlston, South Carolina, and what a beautiful place this is. We will be busy touring nearly the whole week we are here. Gotta see it all. 

    We did a ton of walking in Charleston. The houses were magnificent. But I didn't want to carry my camera all the time so this is the extent of the photographs. It is definately a city worth walking. 

    We drove out to the Isle of Palms just to see what was out there. Big beautiful houses and a few strange ones lined the beach. 

    The last house on the right had a "weekly rental" sign and a phone number so I called. What a shock!!! $14,000.00 per week for this 10 bedroom, 12 bathroom house. 

    November 10
    I just put up a new quizlett question. This one has to do with how full-timers get their email or what future full-timers plan to do to get email. Please vote in all categories that apply.

    Here are the results of the Cell phone poll. The question was:

    What cell phone will/do you use as a full-timer?  797 responded.

    • 29%  AT&T
    • 32%  Verizon
    • 9%   Cingular
    • 10%  Sprint
    • 12%  Other
    • 8%    None
    Thanks to all who participated. 

    November 20
    We left Savannah this morning and are on our way to West Palm Beach. I will add pictures of our wonderful visit in Savannah in a couple of days. We just wanted you to know where we are (in a campground near Daytona Beach). I am using the campground's modem while doing laundry. We already went to the grocery store to get all the things I will need to fix Thanksgiving dinner for my daughter and grandson on Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. 

    November 27
    We love being in West Palm Beach. The John Prince campground is wonderful even though we only have water and electric. We are only a couple of miles from the beach at Lake Worth and go there every morning for walks. The weather has been great although a little humid. That is the good news. The bad news is that I cannot find a land line so I can upload the updates and pictures and so on. There are two Kinkos nearby and neither one has a modem hookup. We were excited to find a cyber cafe in Lake Worth but the doors were closed tight and the neighboring stores thought they were out of business or on vacation. There was no note on the door. I am almost ready to go to a nearby neighborhood and knock on the doors until I find a kindly soul who will let me plug into a phone jack. Yes, my daughter has a business here but she is so busy that I can't use a phone line during business hours and she works long late hours so I don't want to ask her to open early or stay late.  Please be patient as we continue to search.  I will try to upload this via the cell phone but won't be able to do much more than this. I haven't given up yet but right now a satellite for internet looks mighty good. 

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