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What's New from November 2002

November 1
I thought I would get this out a little early.  I have just uploaded our newest articles. My article is An Encounter with Tiny Things  Ron's article is titled It Ain't Cheap.
The last entry in last month's What's New mentioned briefly that we are at Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida. This city park is big---450 acres on the ocean just south of the Mayport Naval Station. Besides having a large campground and a mile of it's own beach (and many miles of public beach adjacent to the park) there is a lake and 20 miles of off road biking trails for all levels. We biked a couple of the trails when we were here six years ago, but that kind of biking is not really our style. The names on some of the trails tell a story; misery doesn't sound like a jaunt in the park. There are miles and miles of hiking trails too. All trails are in a jungle-like setting.

Bike trails are separate from hiking trails. The pictures below are of the "switchback" bike trail.

Hiking trails are numerous and include nature and wellness trails. Only hikers are allowed on hiking trails.

There is a lake and campsites near the lake.

And across from the 293 site campground is the ocean.

Here in the campground there is a nice club house with books to share, puzzles, TV, coffee in the morning, and evening card and board games. I understand that starting this month they will offer Monday morning pancake breakfasts and craft classes. You may think that something like this would be expensive; it's not. With the Good Sam discount the daily rate (on a weekly basis) is $13.85 (you pay for 6 nights and get one free). Outside of the park and just a few miles south is shopping and dining of all kinds and in and around Jacksonville itself there is plenty to do.  Now you know why we will be here for a month. 

New Mystery Photo
I was really excited that so many of you guessed correctly last month. This month may not be as easy. See if you can guess where we were. To play please go to our Guess Page.

November 9
We're enjoying life here on the beach. We walk for one hour either on the beach or here in the park every morning. It is wonderful to not have to rush to go somewhere. Ron got his tooth fixed easily and really liked Dr. David. Then I broke a tooth from my denture so that had to get fixed. One of the benefits of being near a city is the availability of dentists, doctors, and other businesses. 

Getting email here is easier than I originally thought. They have a pay phone with a data port, but I need to use my 800 number even though I have a local number. Kinkos is quite a ways away, but I will go there later to upload the new stuff I have to add to our site. While I am at the pay phone, the mosquitoes are a bother so I don't want to stay there long enough to do any serious work on the site.

I am uploading three of the old newsletter stories. If you have Movin' On (the book) you will have read parts of these newsletters, but it is fun to have the pictures, letters, Potpourri, This 'N That and other things that went in the newsletter.

May 1995  Phoenix to Reno---the long way
June 1995 Two Sides of Oregon---The Awe-inspiring Coast and Her Largest City--Portland
July 1995  Washington---The Olympic Peninsula and Then Some

I have also spent a lot of time changing all of the Old What's New pages to read from top to bottom instead of how I enter them here on the current What's New page. I hope you all like being able to read them easier. I will not change this one because folks who check every day or so want the current entries on top. 

We will be here another two weeks and I will try to update this once or twice more.

November 13
I have added two more of the old newsletter stories. I have gotten a couple of emails from folks who say these pages spread way out and can't be read without scrolling. I have checked them out at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels. If you have trouble reading them try changing your screen resolution. 

August 1995 Our Summer Vacation---Friends, Granddaughters and Exciting Travels
September 1995  We Discover Idaho---Wheat, Whitewater, Wilderness, Wonderful Parks

November 21 
We just sent out the November mini update which really didn't have much news, but if you didn't get one it either means that we didn't know you want to be on our update list or your address is no longer valid. To subscribe or resubscribe, please send and email with "subscribe" in the subject line. The update is free. Please do not use that address for anything except asking us to add your name to our update list.

We have really been having a wonderful month here. It has been great to just relax. We recently discovered a bike trail on the west side of Jacksonville which is super. It is 14.5 miles long, paved and a joy to ride. We have driven to the beginning of the rail trail (railroad tracks which were converted to a biking/walking trail) a couple of times then biked 10 miles in one direction then back for a total of 20 miles. We hope to be able to do it one more time before we leave here Tuesday. Some cold rainy weather is heading our way so that may put a damper on that plan.

We just booked a new seminar for January 12, 2003. We will present our Movin' On seminar at the Country Coach rally in Fort Meyers, Florida. If you are planning on attending that rally, we will see you there.

November 27
We are all settled in the John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Florida. We even have a guest in our house---grandson Erkki. Glenda looks great and her expanded bead shop (Crystal Creations) is really big and wonderful. I will post some pictures of that and the campground later. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. 

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