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What's New From November 2004

November 1
We just got back from another three day visit to Laughlin, Nevada. I was invited to go and participate in a slot tournament. I didn't win and the weather was bad so it wasn't as much fun as I had expected. Judy and Cec met us there (they drove from their winter location of Indio, California) and we did have fun dressing up for the Halloween costume contest. 
Sorry the picture of us is out of focus. We were dressed as trailer trash but looked too much like many of the people in the casinos to win a prize. We bought our outfits at a nearby Goodwill store. We thought that Cec made a great devil and Judy looked mean and regal as the queen from Snow White. 
Cec (as the devil) had fun threatening the nun at the banquet. The three blind mice won top prize in the costume contest and we thought they were terrific too.

Things are getting into full swing here. Our calendar is so busy that I wonder when I will have time to do normal things like laundry and cleaning. 

Our new poll question is: As a full-time RVer how will (do) you get your snail mail? Please go tothe  Poll page to participate. Once there you will be able to see the results of last month's poll on where full-timers domicile. 

New Mystery Picture

A lot of people responded to last month's mystery picture all but one was correct. To see if you were right please go to the Mystery Picture page and play the game.

This month could be difficult but I have faith that you will come through with the right answer.  

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