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What's New from November 2000
If you want to know where we were and what we were doing in October  click here.
November 1, 2000
We had fun at our Halloween party but today I had to undo my witch fingernails and put stuff away. I just added Ron's newest article go toWe're Still Learning to read his words of wisdom. 

November 2
Here's a new Mystery picture. Where were we. Here is a hint: It is only a few miles from where we are here at Valle del Oro. If you want to play the game please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

November 2 (later in the day)
My newest article (RV U---The Life on Wheels Schools) has now been added to our site. 

Thanks for all who participated in the little quizlett about what you go to most often on our web site. It really helps us to know what your interests are. We want this site to be what you want. I have a new set of questions now and again would appreciate all who take a moment to answer them. You will find the quizlett on the main menu page

I will get the chat room up soon now that I have my other work done. Thanks again for your patience.

November 8
Did you read our camp out invitation which was posted here last month? We still have room for a couple more after all. Email us if you are interested. By the way it is still cold and rainy here in the desert.

November 12
We just finished our first chat room session and it was fun. Only about 5 were there but they asked good questions and I was excited to learn about them. I will announce a new time for this coming week soon. Thought you'd like to see how completely we are set up at Valle del Oro. Since we don't plan to move for several months we put our awning and anchored it with tie down and clamps so we won't have to take it down in a wind storm (we hope). We also have a nice borrowed table and chairs and flowers planted in two pots. We feel like we are right at home here.

November 13
I just posted a new questionnaire on the main menu page. Thanks for all who participate. It helps us know what you want to know.

November 17
The chat room is open all the time but not that many have been there. I will try to drop in for a little while every day at noon (EST) and again in the evening at 8 p.m. (EST). If there are other times that are better for you please let me know. 
2002 editor's note: the chat room did not pan out.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving which is fun here. The park prepares turkey and dressing, and four long tables prepare the rest of the food. So we get to eat the food from our friends we are seated with but it doesn't take forever to get through the line. I am contributing 2 pies. We will be with neighbors on our street. 

I will be adding new pictures soon. The computer, sewing room and exercise room have been greatly enlarged and I am very excited about the 16 new Gateway computers we get to teach with. All of our computer classes start the week of December 4 and I am doing the scheduling. Every day is packed with classes which I am sure we will fill up immediately.

November 20
I keep forgetting to go to the chat room so forgive me. We are so very busy now. I have changed the Quizlett and wonder if you would kindly go to the main page and vote on the books you have read. On this one you may vote more than once if it applies. We put up the Christmas lights and I got a new camera but since it was dark out the picture doesn't show up well so I will have to do it again at dusk rather than pitch black night. 

November 23, Thanksgiving
We had a wonderful day here in Arizona. The sun was shining as we went to church this morning then after phone calls to each of our children, we gathered in the ballroom with many here in the park for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings. The park provided all the turkeys, dressing and gravy which was cooked by volunteers. Long tables were set for 20 people and paired together for the 40 person pot luck for the rest of the dinner. We ate with neighbors on our street and had lots of potatoes, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, baked beans, relishes, breads and pies. We arrived early enough to much on veggies and enjoy a little wine then ate our meal with these friends. I thought you'd like to get an idea of what it was like so here are some pictures. We sincerely hope that your Thanksgiving was great too.

Ron and Lloyd                            Cathey and Polly

Inside with our little tree and outside with our pine tree covered with lights and red bows.

November 26
We just got busy and wrote two new articles for our site. Ron wrote about Pay Back Time and I have posted an article about Holidays and Full-timing. I hope you enjoy these. 

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