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What's New From October 2006

October 2006
Last month I wrote about our trip to Michigan and forgot to include one picture. When Ron moved his family to Lansing in 1966 they moved to the house in the picture to the left. There was no landscaping so Ron and his son planted these trees from tiny little plants. The blue spruce was two feet tall when planted and the other trees were tiny sticks which they got from a nursery. Ron is always amazed at how much they have grown and how beautiful they are and wanted a picture showing him in the midst of the trees. 

It is fall here in the desert. 
We have fall colors here too---there are lots of different colored license plates arriving every day. The winter visitors are returning. Although we are still having 100 degree days, the nights are cool and lovely and the weather forecast is for the triple digits to go away next week. 

I (Barb) will be directing the play here in Mountainbrook Village again this year and am looking forward to that. This year we are doing The Curious Savage which is a delightful play. As we get into rehearsals I will post a picture and more information, but until then you can see what we do by clicking on the following link. Mountainbrook Village Players.

Ron is still busy with our church school. He is the chairman of our church's school board and also active with other committees. 

There are so many eating events here in our community and at church that we are going to get back to Weight Watchers. We have been lax and it shows. It is time to get back to where we were 3 years ago. Watch us shrink down a couple of sizes. 

Last month's question was: 
Will you stay in the RV that you start out with? There are two parts-one for wanabees and one for full-timers.
I thought the results were interesting. They can be found on our Poll Page.

The new question is: As a full-timer do you (did you, will you) carry a spare tire?
Please go toThe Poll Page

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