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What's New from October 1998
Posted October 9
I just posted the Electronic Newsletter, Letters and Coffee Break pages. I hope you will check them out. I have also made some changes to most of the other pages which I believe will make navigating our web site easier. If you had bookmaked these pages before and do not see the new menu box at the top now, I encourage you go into our web page from the beginning (movinon.net) to re bookmark any pages you want  to get to easily. The URL changed and so did the look of some  pages. By the way, if you asked to get the electronic newsletter and aren't receiving it, please E-mail us again; we get quite a few back, every time I send out a newsletter, because of incomplete or inaccurate addresses.

We are back in Arizona and will be here for the winter except for some trips we take here and there. If you haven't read the current newsletter yet, you might find our trip south interesting. The post script to the dishes story is that I went shopping and shopping and ended up visiting a Corning outlet store where they have old stock. I found a pattern that was close to what I had and filled in what I lost. I didn't find a new set that I liked (in our price range) so I now have an eclectic set.

I mentioned in the newsletter that Valle del Oro has a great deal on right now. There is a coupon in the current issues of Trailer Life and Highways (might be in other magazines too). The coupon is good for two weeks here at only $8 per night. I hope a lot of you will clip the coupon and come on down. The offer is good until June 1999, but not good in the months of January, February or March.

The book, Movin' On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle is nearing completion. We just got the manuscript back from the editor; now I have to do the fixing and type setting which will take a couple of weeks then it is off to the printer. I promise to post pages on this brand new book at the time it goes to the printer. Movin' On is not a revision of An Alternative Lifestyle. The two books compliment each other.

If you liked An Alternative Lifestyle, You will absolutely love Movin' On. This brand new book is full of great up-to-date information on full-timing. It is a completely new book.

Movin' On has a lot more pages. Besides basic information which has been freshly rewritten (what full-timing is, RV choices, up-to-date budget information and places to live) it contains:
A big chapter on family.
A big chapter on the RVing office complete with information on computers, email, telephones,  and much more.
A big chapter on medical/dental considerations
 Instead of just how to get ready for full-timing we have a chapter titled "Get Ready; Get Set; Go" which takes you from the beginning to organizing and cooking in an RV. We have even added a couple recipes.
There is a big chapter on travel scenarios—how to make the lifestyle relaxing instead of like just another vacation. 
Our "Unique Situations" chapter is full of information on everything from  licensing  to accidents in RVs. We include some special information for single full-timers.
 Throughout the book we have added all new excerpts from our newsletter, Movin' On and include letters from you, our readers, and articles written for us by our readers. 
A big section with "Stories from our Back Yard." These are some of our favorite travel pieces and most of them are from newsletters which have been out of print for some time. These stories continue on from where we left off in An Alternative Lifestyle and cover the years from 1993 to 1998.
After reading Movin' On, we think you will agree that this is the best and most complete book on the social and economic aspects of  full-time RVing.

The following is the last paragraph in the last chapter of Movin' On. We hope you will get the book and be able to read all that comes before this.
Those contemplating full-timing may be encouraged to know that after ten years we still want to continue traveling. "Don't you want to settle down?," some may ask. Others ask if we are tired of always touring. The answer to both questions is a "no." We still love the traveling, scenery, and out-of-the-way places, although our interests may have changed. In spite of all the changes in our life there is one constant. We continue to be mobile. We may have to be more selective about parks and may have to duck off a red road to get fuel at an interstate truck stop, but we are still in control of our lives. If we elect to repeat a visit to a winter destination park, it's because we want to. We crisscrossed the country three times in 1997 even though our travel mode had been to go 200 miles and stay a week. So what! We can move our house anywhere and anytime we want to. That's why we put wheels on it. We may move for medical treatment, family, weather, nearby attractions or just for the heck of it. It's a great sense of freedom.

  Movin' On---Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle will have a retail price of $16.95 and should be available by the end of November. We will, of course, post ordering information here on our web page. We are not sure how soon it will be available in book stores and Camping World.

 An Alternative Lifestyle will be out of print by the end of this year so if you never ordered your very own copy or if you gave away your only copy, you might want to order a new one. It has a lot of good stories in there that are not in Movin' On. They will be lost forever. An Alternative Lifestyle will be a collectors item in no time.

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