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What's New from October 2000
October 1, 2000
I am sorry to report that I will again be late in updating our web site (Coffee, Letters, etc.). We had a very exciting experience that I can't wait to share with you all, but that same experience completely wore us out.

We are at The Caverns RV Resort in Huachuca (wa CHOO ka), Arizona, and we love it here. It has been very relaxing to be in this beautiful area. Tomorrow morning early we will  leave for our appontment at Beaudry RV in Tucson.  We will be getting those boo boos fixed and that awning replaced.  While they are working on the coach during the day I won't be able to work on the PC to prepare the articles and other pages. They will probably need two or three days to fix everything.  Oh and the American Coach rally starts on Thursday (the 5th) and we will be a little busy there too. Please be patient and check back later in the week.

October 4, 2000
We are at the new and beautiful RV Resort behind Beaudry RV. It is georgous and very well laid out. They really did a super job and on time too. This will be a great rally. I have just added a new mystery picture. Ron and I will get our articles done in a day or two. Meanwhile we are playing with 600 other American Coach owners here in Tucson. To see where we were last month please go to the September old news page.

Mystery Picture.  Here is a hint; we are back in Arizona.  If you want to play the game please go to our Guess page and see how much you know. 

October 7, 2000
Here are the other two articles I promised. My article is entitled Hooray for Hollywood and tells about our great experience last month. Ron's article is about Boo Boos.

I will have more pictures of the rally tomorrow, but for now here is a tiny sampling of what over 300 American Coaches look like.

October 8, 2000
Rallies such as the American Coach national rally being held here in Tucson are opportunities for folks with like interests to get together. Chapters link people from the same areas or in the case of full-timers, the same lifestyle. We joined the Happy Wanderers chapter and can attest to the fact that they are happy. The chapter members generally park together and enjoy happy hours in between coaches. The circle starts small and keeps growing as more join the group.
A Typical Happy Wanderer happy hour

We have had excellent meals at this rally. Breakfasts include eggs, meat, pancakes or french toast, breads, juice and fruit. Dinners have been very complete too and the setting under the big tent has been enjoyable.

Dinners always included great entertainment too

and was more enjoyable because we were with our full-timing friends.

Ron, Judy, Sue, Jim, Bud                       Pam and Bob
Later we enjoyed the pool and looking at some of the coaches for sale.

a 2000 Heritage

One of the pools at Beaudry's RV Resort

During the days we are free to attend seminars, go on tours, do nothing or have repairs made. Most of the companies we need are here and ready to take care of us. We had our awning repaired here as well as a minor thing fixed by our chassis manufacturer (Spartan).  Being able to talk with all the component companies is a big plus at a rally like this.

Monday, October 16, 2000
We have been back at Valle del Oro since last Monday afternoon and we have been busy getting settled for the winter. It has been a long time since we have been able to sit still and it is already feeling good. We needed the break. Right away I got a perm and feel like a new woman and Ron got a much needed hair cut. Then we made doctor and dentist appointments; I also took a computer class at Comp USA and have signed up for another on October 31. Speaking of Halloween, we have a scrawny pine tree in front of our site which I just decorated for my favorite holiday.

Ron is excited about volunteering at the nearby elementary school again this year. He starts today with the same teacher he has worked with every year. They work well together and Ron is hoping that he can encourage others in our park to volunteer their time also.

I will be busy adding new pages to this web site and as they are added I will let you know. Also next week, I will be announcing the date of our camp out for this season. Stay tuned.

Thursday, October 19, 2000
I am finding that there a lot of broken links on our web site and I am trying to find them all and fix them. So far I have gone through About us, and the Book section. Hang in there and if you ever got that ugly 404 message before please know that you can go back and all should be well. Tonight we play euchre with the euchre group here. It has been so long that I hope we remember how to play.

We just sent out this notice to all of the old addresses in our address book. If you were never on our newsletter mailing this is your email:

We have reserved the beautiful group camp site at Lost Dutchman State Park (State Route 88 just a few miles north of Apache Junction, Arizona) for March 19, 20, and 21--2001. There are only 30 spaces so if you  think that you would be able to attend, please follow the following instructions.

EMAIL US YOUR INTENTION FIRST.  If we still have spaces by the time you email us, we will add you to the list, but to make it official we will need $6 to hold your spot. After we confirm that there are spaces available we will email you and give you the address where to send your $6. (We use this money to pay for the group camp site fee and to buy lots of fire wood for our nightly campfires.) DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL WE TELL YOU THAT WE HAVE A SPACE FOR YOU. If it happens that we are booked by the time we receive your email, I will put you on a waiting list and as people cancel (or don't send their $6) we will offer the spot. 

Besides the initial $6 you would be responsible for the nightly camping fee (10.00) which is payable as you enter the state park. There are no hook ups in this group campsite, but a dump station is in the park. There is much to do in the area (Tortilla Flats, Goldfield ghost town, Mining Camp restaurant, hiking, and fellowship). We don't schedule anything except get acquainted games and campfires. It is a real loose camping experience but we sure have a lot of fun. After you register, I will send directions and more information. 

As before we will also have a pot luck day on Wednesday the 21st. Others not camping with us can enter the park with a $5 day use fee and join us for the pot luck lunch and and on into the evening if they like. You DO NOT need to tell us if you are only coming to the lunch because  that does not involve reserving a camping spot. 

We hope to see a lot of you at the Camp Out. It will be a fun time. 

Barb & Ron

Sunday, October 22, 2000
It has been raining and dreary here in the desert and that really reminds me of my favorite holiday so I thought I would add a little spooky stuff here

Saturday, Octobrer 28, 2000
We have had a week of rain and I am tired of it. More is coming next week and it has been cool. So today we went Halloween costume shopping. There is a Halloween dance on Tuesday here at the park. Such fun!!!

By Monday, I should have some new stuff on our site, like our articles. 

We had great response to our Camp Out. We are full with several on our waiting list. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, let us know. Click here to go to the information paragraph.

Monday, October, 30
I am sorry, I kept getting interrupted today and did not post anything new (except this note).  I am almost ready with CB & L, but I will be in a computer class all day tomorrow (Tues.) and then there is the Halloween party tomorrow night. Ron promises he will write TWO articles tomorrow. Please check back Wednesday afternoon. Thanks.

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