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What's New from October 1999
in the full-timing life of Ron & Barb Hofmeister

Be sure to check the other sections of our web site often.

Posted October 2, 1999
I just sent out a newsletter with some interesting stories and have posted a new Guest article, a new View from the Driver's Seat and one of my favorite old newsletter stories about our bicycling in England. We hope you enjoy them.

I'll post more news and some photos soon. Just after I thought everything was uploaded and working, I found a bunch of dead links. I think I have them all fixed now; if any of you find more, please let me know.

Happy Halloween

Posted October 9,

I just added another story in the Our House section and re did the introductory pages there so you may have to refresh or reload the index page.  Hope you don't mind a little spookyness for this month.

Posted October 20
We still have copies of An Alternative Lifestyle available. If interested in this classic book which will be a collector's item, send us a check for only $10.00. We will pay the shipping. That check should be postmarked by October 31 and mailed to us here in Mesa . Remember we will be hitting the road again on November 13 so this address will not be valid after that time.

Ron & Barb Hofmeister
1452 S Ellsworth  #279/3126
Mesa, AZ  85208

Our park is filling up with winter visitors. At least it is not a ghost town any longer.

I added yet another story to the Our House section (December 1992) and will work on Ron to do another Driver's seat article.

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