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What's New from  October 2003

October 1, 2003
We are back home in Gold Canyon, Arizona and I am uploading this a day early because I am ready. After our seminars in Anthony, Texas, we drove straight back here. We always said that having a home (other than the RV) is like being pulled by a magnet; you always want to go home. We never felt that when we were just living and traveling in our motorhome because we were always home. Now I understand that what we always said was true. 

While out this summer we decided that our beautiful American Dream diesel pusher is just too big to keep for summer jaunts. Even when we were packing to leave Arizona, I realized that the Dream was too big. Since we weren't full timing and I didn't have to have everything we owned with us, I couldn't fill the cupboards full enough to have them travel nice. All summer we kept talking about how much fun a smaller RV would be. 

One day in my email was a note from friends Shirley and Mike. They used to full time in an Eagle motorhome but settled down into a house in Dallas, Texas. She wrote that they missed being on the road and were thinking of buying a used motorhome. When I replied I asked if they wanted to buy our motorhome. We emailed and talked over the phone and several months ago we made the deal that they would come and pick up the motorhome the day after we got back to Arizona. 

After our seminars in Anthony, Texas, we drove straight home (328 miles) and completely unloaded the motorhome. Without the help of Judy and Cec who were with us in Texas and followed us home, we couldn't have gotten it all done in such a short period of time. We cleaned and shined it because we wanted to leave it as pretty as it could be. Wednesday, September 24th, Mike and Shirley arrived at our house with their full sized pick up truck all set for towing. After going over a few things they hooked up their truck and took off. The Dream now belongs to them. 

We will be back out on the road next summer with a small Type C motorhome similar to the one we started out with. Until then we are happily living here in Gold Canyon Arizona and hope to keep in touch with everyone just as we had before. We will keep our web site up but will not post weekly updates. Our Yahoo group is very active and we will help with that and I am thinking of ways to tweak our web site. 

We'd sure appreciate your input on ways we can make this web site better. I have set up a special page for this purpose and I would really like to hear from you. Please take a minute to answer the questions on this page and also include anything you think would improve our site. 

Just because we are currently RVless doesn't mean that we don't know a lot about RVs and the lifestyle. After all, 14 years of experience is still in our heads and hearts. And we believe in the full timing lifestyle for as long as anyone is able to do it. We wouldn't trade a single day of our life on the road. 

While we were our and about this summer we received a new cook book to preview. America's Best RV Cookbook by Joyce Ryan is full of mouth watering recipes. We think that it would make a nice addition to your RV bookshelf. It is paperback so it is not too heavy or large. She is not new to the cook book world. Her other cook books are America's Best Cheesecakes and The Happy Camper's Gourmet Cookbook. She even includes a section on what every RVer's galley should have on hand. We have listed this book as a recommended book in our Amazon section. We encourage you to follow this link to her page on Amazon for more information. 

Ron and I have added our new articles for this month. Ron's article is What's in Those NumbersMy article is Expectations

New Mystery Picture
Several guessed correctly last month but I am hoping for a better showing this month.  To play from this and other months please go to our Guess Page.

October 2
We are now selling our book directly on half.com. If you have never been there it is a great place to find bargains. Take a look and see what you think. 

In true home owner fashion we are making improvements. Yesterday we had a water softener and reverse osmosis system installed. Friday we are having a new chandelier hung and a screen door installed. Next will be our appointment (in the house) with the Penny's drapery lady. Then it will be tile for the kitchen and it goes on and on. See what you are missing by being on the road.

October 20
I have just uploaded another of those old newsletters. This one is really interesting and different in that it covers our 7 day bus tour to Mexico City from our base in Port Isabel Texas. April 1996 issue of Movin' On.

We are busy here with some improvements to the house (ceramic tile and valances etc.) and we have been working on a supplement to our book which would update the finance section. 

I have also been trying to monitor and respond to different questions in our Yahoo group.

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