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What's New From October 2004

October 1
Last month our poll on about which cell phone company you use (or will use) as a full-timer was a run away. 170 voted and Verizon got 50% of the votes. AT&T came in a distant second with 17%.  I guess I didn't know all of the companies because 7 people picked "other". Does anyone know which companies they might have used that are other than AT &T, Verizon, Cingular, Sprint, and Nextel?  I want to be well informed. To see the results and take part in our new question on where to domicile please follow this link  Poll.

November 1 note
Mystery solved. Several emailed me regarding the "other" votes. Those folks were Canadian residents who have different cell carriers. 

You should come to Arizona now. It is absolutely beautiful here. We just finished planting our annuals in pots out on the patio and in front and the weather is just in the high 80's or low 90's (and without humidity remember). It is definately better than Florida right now. I feel so bad for all the people who are hurting there. One of them is my daughter. Remember that she has a bead shop in West Palm Beach. Neither her buisness or home suffered a lot of damage, but she reports that it is no fun there what with having to wait in line for gas, and so many other things. Also her business is suffering a lot as you might understand. Who wants to make bracelets etc., when they don't have a roof over their heads. 

If some of you have always gone to Florida for the winter, I would like to hear if the hurricane has changed your mind and if you are looking for other places to winter. Drop us a note:  Please do not use this email address for any other correspondence; it is a special one I just created for this question.

New Mystery Picture

A lot of people responded to last month's mystery picture and the majority were correct, but we also got a lot of answers for two other aircraft graveyards. To see if you were right please go to the Mystery Picture page  and play the game.

This month should be farily easy especially since I used three pictures. We first visited this place in 1991.  To play the game please go to our Mystery Picture page.

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