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What's New From September through December 2007

September 1, 2007
This past Wednesday we took a drive to the "high country" and loved every minute of it. Arizona is amazing with totally different scenery in several parts of the state. Here in the Phoenix area we have been having a hot summer with a record breaking number of days with a high temperatures at or above 110 and lows in the 90s. Up in the northern part of the state temperatures will be much lower because of elevation. In Sedona for example, which is at about 4,000 feet, the high temperature has been about 95 degrees and in Show Low which is at 6,000 feet the high temps have been about 80. We wanted to see what it was like in Greer which is at an elevation of 8,500 feet. The high was 72 and the low 57. What a treat. And oh how beautiful the mountains were with their tall pines. 

Our round trip from our house to Show Low via the Salt River Canyon then an over night stop in Greer which is on AZ 373 (the road to nowhere). We continued our trip by going east on State Route 260 until a little past Edgar where we took AZ 191 to Safford. From there we took AZ 70 to Globe and headed west on U.S. 60. For a larger look at the pictures just click on them. 

The left 2 pictures are of the rest area at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon on U.S. 60. The right picture is of the Molly Butler lodge in Greer where we ate a wonderful dinner during our short stay there. We did not stay there but when we go again we would try to book reservations there as it was nice and cheaper than the Greer Lodge Resort where we stayed. The whole town of Greeris one resort after another. There is no downtown or shopping area but there is a gift shop, real estate office and a couple of restaurants/bars but most are part of a lodge. 

None of the rooms were air conditioned (no need) but most advertise fireplaces like the one we had in our room. Almost all of the buildings in Greer are made of logs like our motel like lodge. 

On the left is the view from our front door. The ponds are called fly fishing practice ponds and from what we read in the literature they have a fly fishing teacher on hand. The picture on the right is of the Rendezvous Diner which is a cute little place where we ate breakfast on the porch/patio. It was a wonderful treat and the food was delicious. 

The trip south on AZ 191 was twisty and windy and full of gorgeous, tall pines. A sign posted right away as we turned south said that no vehicles over 40 feet were allowed. It was nice that we didn't have to deal with any trucks. It was slow going just by the nature of the road, but well worth the trip. Ron thought the curves weren't so bad that we couldn't have taken the Dream on that road, but sitting on the passenger side as I was, I wouldn't have wanted to be a passenger in such a tall motorhome. Looking straight down over the side was scary enough in the car. 

Ponderosa trees are beautiful. Mostly they grow very straight. This one that I took a picture of was an oddity in that it listed a bit. I love the bark on these trees and took a close up so you could see the puzzle like appearance too. 

We saw a lot of birch trees 

and wild flowers. Aren't those Susans in a great spot to see forever out over a large valley below. 

Most of the peaks were heavily forested but as we got closer to the desert, this one peak was like a forecast of what was to come. Both of the pictures above are of the same peak. I simply zoomed in on it for the picture on the right. Notice the jagged part of that formation. 

More vistas and flowers. We stopped to stroll around a campsite and talked for hours how we should buy a tent and come up again. We both love real camping---cooking over an open wood fire and all. 

All of a sudden the scenery drastically changed as we came upon the Morenci Mine. My pictures don't even begin to show the mine, but this web site will give you an idea of what the largest copper mine in North America is like.  It went on for miles and miles but there was no place to really stop to take good pictures. 

Just south of Morenci is the sad, little town of Clifton. We can't imagine what happened to it. The Morenci Mine is so large that you would expect this town (where many of the workers live) to be alive. The following pictures are of Clifton's main street. 

We really enjoyed the whole trip. We included two 20 minute casino stops---one in Show Low and one in Globe on the way home.

October 20, 2007
I am finally getting around to updating this page. At this time of the year here in southern Arizona, we all get spring fever. The door open wide and often stay open 24/7. There are no air conditioners running and people are outside walking, biking and planting flowers which is what we did a little while ago. Here are some pictures. 

You may be curious about the chicken wire around the plants. We have wild animals here who love to knock over our pots and or dig up the flowers. Our main problem are the javalinas. But the rabbits love to get at the flowers also.

We attended a fun Halloween party last night with our Couple's Club from church. I am including some of the pictures. The costumes and the night were wonderful.  We had appetizers, Chili, corn bread, veggies, desserts and fun games. Life is good here. 

The picture on the right is Ron and I with the angel and the grim reaper. 

November 13, 2007

It has been a while since I added an article to our Guest Pages but I just had to add an article from a friend today. She and her husband and two other couples have been full-timing together for the last 19 months and they aren't through yet. We said it wouldn't work but they proved us wrong. Read her article them perhaps you would like to check out their letters from the road and photo albums. To read her article on our web site go to Guest Articles---Three's Company

Three identical motorhomes checking in at once. The 6 pak on tour. 

P.S we are both very busy. I am directing three events and even recruited Ron to be in a couple of them. Life is good. 

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