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What's New From September 2004

September 1
Well, we have recovered from jet lag and are back to life as we knew it. Ron is back to volunteering at the elementary school nearby and I am gearing up for the fall activities in the theater group here plus I have decided to try my hand again at ceramics (I used to do it 100 years ago) now that I have a place to display some things. I want to make holiday decorations primarily. 

I will be adding another of our old newsletter stories soon so check back about the middle of the month. 

Last month our poll on wives driving the RV was interesting in that more women responded than men. Only 50 men participated while 124 women did. To see the results and take part in our new question on which wireless phone service full-timers use or will use please go to our Poll.

New Mystery Picture

I said that last month's mystery would be a bit of a challenge. What an understatement!!! Only one person guessed (and his guess was not correct) until the last day of the month when I got two correct replies.  I am sure you are dying to see the real answer. Please go to the  Mystery Picture page. 

This month should be easier. This montage of 3 pictures is just a sampling of the size of this place. To test your skills please go to our Mystery Picture page. 

September 18
I just added the January 1997 old newsletter to our Our House section. The headline is: Movin' In to our new Dream Home. I hope you enjoy it.

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