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What's New From September 2006

September 1, 2006
We went to Michigan for the first two weeks in August and had a great time.We spent two glorious weeks with Ron's kids and one day with my brother and sisters. Here are a couple of pictures. Ron's kids all pitched in together to take us (and themselves) to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game.

Ron and six of his eleven grandchildren at the ball game.

Ron with three more grandchildren, Victoria, AJ and Gabby.           Ron with granddaughter Amelia. 

Richard was missing as he was busy rehearsing for a play. Here he is in costume. He was the invisable man. 

Barb with her brother and sisters.

Did anyone see this little bit of news?
The mobile home - complete with garage

The 'garage' on the mobile home. It is a home away from home with all the mod cons of 21st century living.

But as well as its spacious dining room, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters, the Volkner Mobil mobile home comes with one added extra - a garage for your car.

Where on a more conventional vehicle you would expect to find a hold for luggage, a 'door' beneath the main body of the vehicle opens up to reveal a space large enough to stow a family car.

It is perfect for travellers hankering after a little more freedom on holiday, allowing them to take on excursions or trips to the supermarket without having to uproot the entire contents of their motor home at the same time.

The latest take on mobile living is on display at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, where it will remain until September 3. 

Last month's question was: 
As a new full-timer what priority did (will ) you put on making a trip to Alaska in an RV?
I thought the results were interesting. They can be found on our Poll Page.

The new question is:
Will you stay in the RV that you start out with? There are two parts-one for wanabees and one for full-timers. Please go to   The Poll Page

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