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What's New from September 2001
  • September 2, 2001
  • We had such fun with Judy and Cec up north that we asked them come back south and stay with us here in Carson City for a while. They did and we enjoy doing our own thing sometimes and then doing things together. They went over to Ron's daughter's cottage with us this weekend. We have always felt like they are family and now we feel like they are part of our bigger family too. When we leave here Wednesday they will also follow us to Holly State Park (north of Pontiac and south of Flint). While there I will visit my parents who are now in different nursing homes and a sister and nieces near by. On Saturday Judy, Cec, Ron and I plan to go to the Renaissance Festival which is very near the campground. Then on Sunday we will part company with the girls. They will head south while we will go back to Lansing for 6 more days. We will park in Ron's daughter's driveway until she moves to her new home on the 15th. We will then head to Decatur for the appointment we have at the American Coach Factory and continue going south. 

    I thought you might get a kick out of the set up the girls had to go through to get a satellite picture. Actually after they strung 150 feet of cable, the campground owners asked them to undo it. With persistance they found the signal right behind their motorhome. It is really hard to get a signal in such a wooded setting.

    Another mystery picture. Where were we?  If you think you recognize where we were please go to our Guess page and see how much you know.

    September 17, 2001
    I didn't forget all of you. We were busy with family for a while and last Tuesday kept us glued to the television. In fact, we stayed there all week. We, like you, cannot believe all that happened and are still in shock. We pray hard for some miracle to solve this problem without further bloodshed

    In the future there will be less of us to see. We joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago and are happily and painlessly losing weight. I have lost 10 pounds already and feel fantastic. Their point system allows us to eat out and eat anything we want. We just plan our day and count the points. I will keep you posted. 

    We are in Decatur, Indiana, at the American Coach factory where we are getting some of our boo boos fixed. We are also getting those blasted chairs removed from the kitchen floor. I have wanted them gone since day one, but it will be a rather large bill. The year after our coach was built, they put in free standing chairs. Removing the old chairs means replacing a number of tiles. Luckily we can use the same chairs and a company by the name of Trees to These here in Decatur is putting regular legs on our old chairs. 

    I will be calling Lazy Days this week and finding out if they have solidified our schedule there yet and I  will post a note again at the end of the week.

    September 18, 2001
    A sad note: my mother, Alice Sayles, died this morning after many years of suffering. It is a blessing and sad. We knew it would be soon after our last visit with her on Friday. I am so glad that she died while we were so close to Michigan. It makes it easier for us. 

    We were going to sit around Decatur, Indiana, and wait for our new chairs to be finished, but when they finish with our coach today, we will head to Michigan for her funeral. After all is finished there, we will come back here to pick up our chairs on our way south. 

    September 24, 2001 (Monday)
    Thank you for your condolences at my mother's death. We are so glad that we were near as it made our trip back to Michigan easy. The funeral was beautiful and it was wonderful to see so many of my old friends. Mom was a master photographer and owned her studio (Sayles Studio) in Drayton Plains for 40 years. Most of her customers from 1955 on were seniors who graduated from any one of three Waterford high schools. She was quite a character and everyone loved to follow her orders to say, "Hi Alice" when ever they saw her. Many of those who visited at the funeral home were those students. Since I grew up in that area and raised my four children there (and was very active in the PTA and so on) friends who still lived in the old neighborhood came to say hello. That was the good part. Even though Mom had been in an assisted home for six years and was for the most part not very communicative it is still sad to know that I can never hug her again. 

    We are back in Decatur and they finished working on our coach today. If the ice maker keeps on working all night that means we are truly finished. In the morning, we will fill up with water, pay the bill and move on down the road----finally.

    We are very pleased with our new old chairs. The year that our coach was built they anchored (permanently) the dinette chairs. We were first told that they couldn't be removed because they wouldn't stand alone. The pedestal was a fake really. Then a year or two later, we learned that in fact they could be removed. We made the appointment. After removing the chairs, they replaced six tiles which match perfectly. We had originally intended to buy new chairs until re realized that once the hardware was removed from those pedestal chairs, we had a good 3/4 inch of wood under the chairs. Someone told me about "From Trees to These" (a quality woodworker) here in town. We called and he did a marvelous job. We feel like we have new chairs and a new coach. 

    If you need any kind of quality wood work done (cabinets, desk, or whatever) call Greg Mies, at (219) 592-7397. He is so busy though that most people make appointments well in advance; we did. Have a look at our new free standing chairs which we can move anywhere. And I don't have to crawl under and behind the chairs to clean the floor. What a treat.
    Great news:  Ron and I weighed in at Weight Watchers tonight (our 5th week) and we are excited to be much lighter. Ron has lost 10 pounds and I am 11 pounds lighter. It is an amazing program in that you can truly eat anything you want as long as you count the points (WW figures them all out and all foods are itemized in a nice book). We even had 1 cup of Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream with caramel syrup last week. Keep watching as we really get into shape. We need to be exercising too, but it has turned into late October here. It is very cold and with a brisk wind, we can sure feel it. We are cozy at home tonight with our heater running full blast. 

    We plan to move to Hueston Woods State Park near Oxford, Ohio, (a little north of Cincinnati) tomorrow. That park as an 11 mile long perimeter road which is great for bike riding and even if it doesn't warm up we will as we ride around the park. 

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