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What's New from September 1999
  The complete details  to go with these pictures are in the newsletter.
Anytime you see the red buton , click on it to enlarge a series of photos.

Posted September 10, 1999
I am real excited about a big change I am working on in our Places section. It is not totally finished yet, but you can enjoy what I have and I will be adding more daily. You may have to "refresh" or "reload" to see the changes.

osted September 6, 1999
I have just added new pictures to this page and sent out the newsletter. I hope to have the Coffee Break, Letters, View from the Driver's seat and a terrific pasta salad recipe posted soon. I will post a message on this page when they are all in place.

Posted September 9, 1999

We drove the motorhome to Tucson yesterday and got the AC/converter problem fixed. Beaudry was super and we were very impressed with their technicians, service writer and everything. It turned out that the problem was simple (a bad breaker) and once diagnosed was fixed quickly. I will not let Ron say anything about our house being perfect unless he knocks on a lot of wook.

I just posted another excellent View from the Driver's Seat article by Ron; it is one of his best.

I also just posted a recipe for a Sesame Noodles, a delicious salad which Claudia and Dante served us when we were with them in South Dakota.

Posted September, 14, 1999
Special Movin' On Note


So many have asked where they can get copies of our book, An Alternative Lifestyle, and we have had to say, "Sorry, it is out of print." We didn't have any and didn't know of anyone else who had some. But we just got a call from the wholesaler that handled that book for Barnes and Noble. They just received  63 copies of our book and were going to throw them away. We rescued them and are buying them back so we can offer them to any of you who want them. They are being shipped to us here in Mesa and we ask for you to act fast if you want a copy of this book that many still call the "bible for full-timing."

Our special offer
For each copy of An Alternative Lifestyle that you would like to have please send us a check or money order for only $10.00 (U.S. funds only). We will autograph the book and pay the postage to send the book to you. This is truly a bargain because the regular price is $12.95 and we always added $4.00 for shipping.

Please hurry
All of these orders must be processed by October 31 because we are leaving here shortly after that. And since there are so few books, we will take orders on a first-come--first-serve basis. Send your check or money order to us as soon as possible to ensure that you get one of these books which will be a collector's item when these are gone. If your order arrives after these books are gone, we will, of course, return your check by return mail.

This address is only good until October 31.
Ron & Barb Hofmeister
1452 S Ellsworth #279/3126
Mesa, AZ  85208

An Alternative Lifestyle is different from Movin' On so even if you have Movin' On, you will like having An Alternative Lifestyle. And when these are gone, I can honestly promise that there will absolutly be no more.

Posted September 20, 1999
We just packaged up the first orders for our old book, An Alternative Lifestyle (see note below). They will go in the mail tomorrow and reach you in about a week because they are going "book rate" which is a little slower than first class. For those of you who ordered, we hope you will enjoy it.

We had a horrible storm here yesterday (Sunday, September 19). It hailed, poured rain, the wind blew and it was scary. The only damage that we experienced was a ripped up sewer hose. Many of the park models here had extensive damage and the park suffered major damage too. Rather than fill up this page any more than it is, I have pictures posted on this link. Storm

Scenes from Buffalo, Wyoming
Downtown Buffalo

The Sports Lure & Deer Field
    (boutique and expresso bar)

Inside the Occidental Hotel which is now a museum

Golfing at the Buffalo Golf Course

 The drive to Ten Sleep

The lonely road back and the view to the west

Crazy Woman Canyon

The Winchester restaurant---a superb eating establishment in Buffalo

Chef Biff Short and his father-in-law Dick Grabherr owners of the Winchester
   It is worth driving over 200 miles or more to eat dinner at this gourmet yet affordable place.
For more information on Buffalo, Wyoming, check their web page.

 Downtown Grand Junction, Colorado
Art on the Corners

         The farmers market                  Up on the Grand Mesa on a rainy day

 Ouray, Colorado

The Wiesbaden Lodge

  The door to the heavnly vapor cave

From Montrose to Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway

We left in the rain.                    Then drove through Ouray        And started up the mountain
               This view is of Ridgeway

Click on this photo to enlarge it and get a peek
at the view from the passenger seat and it was straight down on the right.

Silverton, Colorado

The campground      The old mine       Leaving Silverton

The Petrified Forest National Park

The Painted Desert

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