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What's New From June, July and August 2007

  August 13, 2007
My daughter, Glenda and grandson, Erkki, came to visit for about 5 days a week ago. They live in West Palm Beach, Florida and we hadn't seen them for a year. It was good to have them with us; we played games and talked a lot. We even took a trip to Sedona and Jerome. They loved both towns and the trip there. Click on the new pictures for a larger image.
Shopping in Sedona.

Touring the red rocks.

On the left is a new house for sale in Sedona. How much?? More than I have that is for sure. 
Right two pictures are Ron and Glenda at Bell Rock

At Bell Rock where the vortex is strong notice the Jupiter trees are twisted. 

Talapaque in Sedona

Left Talapaque in Sedona.   Right 2 pictures and bottom one were in Jerome 

Big horse and little horse. 

July 14
The party was a lot of fun, but a lot of work for us too. We moved furniture around and even made room for dancing.

Does Ron look like a tough lawyer? Love those white anklets. There were 11 couples at the party and I don't want to bore you with all the pictures but will include some great costumes and/or best friends. 

Sandy's costume (left) was voted to be the best. 

L-R Barb, Bob, Cindy, Pastor Mark 
Barb was the weathiest but she turned out to be an arsonist. Mary and Michael were the most in love even though they fought a lot. 

L-R Lynnda and Adolph 
Adolph played the part of the former principal of the class and Lynnda was and is the science teacher. She dressed like a teacher complete with gloves and nylons with a seam. TRUTH--Adolph drew the seams on her nylons with a marker. 

Pastor Dave and Carlyn (left). Her golf shoes (minus cleats) were perfect. Ron & JanaLea a perfect couple. 

The music was great and many danced both the fast and slow songs. 

Johnny and Jenny were the cutest couple but bad news came at the end. On the right, the detectives (Joanne and Jack) compare notes to decide who to arrest. Everyone got to vote for the best costume and best actor. Prizes were awarded for both of those categories plus to the one with the most money at the end of the evening and of course the one who solved the murder. 

In the end Johnny (left) was found guilty of the murder of David  (probably a couple others too) and Michael (right) was arrested for arson but later naughty Susan said she really did it.  It was a fun night and I think everyone enjoyed playing the parts they played. 

July 6, 2007
It would apprear that we lead a very uneventful life, but that is not so. We did go to Vegas although not right after Vacation Bible School. We had to rest up a week first. When we did go, we had fun but didn't win any jackpots or anything even close to that. We just had fun. 

It is soooo hot here as you must have heard. Our new pastime is watching one movie a night and we are really enjoying that. We signed up for Blockbuster on line and what a bargain that is---especially if you have nothing much to do but watch movies. Not only do we get movies in the mail, but we can take one that we got in the mail and return it to the store for a free movie on the spot. It is like getting two for one. As fast as we watch a movie we seem to have 3 or 4 more to watch. 

Next weekend we are hosting a murder mystery dinner party for our Couple's Club at church. There will be 10 couples and each have been assigned a character. We made it the 10th reunion of the HS class of 57. We did that so we could all dress like the 50s and we will eat 50s food and listen to the music of the time while trying to solve the mystery. I used a great web site for the game. In fact, I am having so much fun with this that in December we will host another one for the people in our Village Players. I can just see those actors really digging their teeth into this. Instead of doing the 50's class reunion we will do the Christmas Party at the Law Firm of Lie, Cheat and Steal. I will post pictures after our party on the 13th. 
Dinner and Murder

June 1, 2007 We are getting ready to spend the week of June 4-8 working at our church's Vacation Bible School. Ron will be teaching a class and I will help with registration and I will also publish and print a newsletter for the parents to take home each day. When that week is over, we are going to Las Vegas for a couple of days. That's it for now. 

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