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What's New from November 1998
Posted November 5, 1998
Within a week or so I will be adding some new recipes and will put this image by the new ones so you will easily know which are new.

We have not been contacted by the Arizona Republic yet to resume our column there and my efforts to find someone who wants us has not been good. There are too many chiefs there I haven't found the right one yet.

Book Reviews

Three of you ran right over to Amazon at our request and posted reviews. I had promised to award a new book to the first three best  reviews.  I know who one is because they used their email address. The other two are a mystery to me. Please let me know if your review is one of the ones posted at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ts/book-customer-reviews  so I can award you your copy of Movin' On Living and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle.

This is one heading: A reader from Las Vegas, NV , October 25, 1998  Thanks to the Hofmeister's, we're ready to go and this is the other A reader from Harrisburg, Illinois , October 24, 1998 Great book about living full-time in a recreational vehicle.

Book Progress

We just finished looking at the proof of the book and it looks good. We have given the printer the
okay to print and the next step will be for us to get the books. This is all so exciting. We have
updated our Book page and have a separate listing for each book. When you go there you will see that we have posted the table of contents, the introduction and preface. In a week or so we will add at least part of Chapter one.

You may now order Moviní OnóLiving and Traveling Full-time in a Recreational Vehicle from our new fulfillment service. They will back order your book, but at least you can put your order in. Book ordering information is on the intro page for each book. It might be a little confusing at first because each book has its own fulfillment service. We are using BookMasters (the company that is printing Moviní On) as the fulfillment service for that book. When An Alternative Lifestyle is out of print, we will not be using our old service any longer. It just didnít seem practical to transfer the few remaining copies of An Alternative Lifestyle over to the new service. But until then we have to use both. So if you didnít get your copy of An Alternative Lifestyle or if you want Moviní On go to the Book page and place your orders.

We have been getting lots of company

How exciting to be getting so many visitors. We are having fun and so are our visitors who are
taking advantage of the eight dollar per night rate here at Valle del Oro. Donít forget that you
need to have a coupon to take advantage of that price and we know for sure that you can find one
in Highways magazine.

Ron had a great trip to Michigan

Ron flew to Michigan October 21 to visit his mother, children, grandchildren and sisters. For his
week long visit he said the weather was beautiful and the colors of the trees were a treat. Most
important were his many visits with his mother who is in a nursing home in Toledo, Ohio and they had a lot of good talks. He said he was kept very busy trying to keep up with everyone and after a whirlwind week was glad to get back to a less hectic environment. Now that he knows I know how to drive and park this motorhome I wondered if he would be worried that both it and I would be gone when he came back. He said he wasnít worried for one moment. Talk about trust! I was glad to have him back home on the 28th.

Ron is volunteering again

Ron enjoyed tutoring children at the local elementary school last year and signed up again. In fact he spent his first afternoon at the school on November 4th. He will work two or three afternoons a week one-on-one with second grade children who need a little extra help in math or reading. I think perhaps that he missed his calling and would have been a good teacher. He loves it.

Activities are in full swing at Valle del Oro

The classrooms are a buzz with activities and everyone is excited about new projects, and classes of every sort. I will be teaching my communication class again starting in January and I am directing the Fools Follies (a talent show) which wonít run until the end of March. But we have auditions January 7th and I am trying to get chair people to help with lighting, sound, staging, props, makeup and costumes. If any of you want a job let me know. If you are a budding ham, come on down and be in our show or if you just enjoy a good show, try to be in the park March 28th. We will have two performances (afternoon and evening).

Other news

After not playing bridge all summer, we forgot everything we learned and came in next to the last
our first night of play. Hopefully we will get better as the season goes on. Ron is threatening to
quit, but my friend Karen is willing to step in and take his place (at bridge).

We are preparing for a visit from my son Jim, and his family over Thanksgiving and we are
planning on taking a trip to California the middle of December so we can spend Christmas with
son Mark and his family. We will also make a stop to visit friends in Desert Hot Springs and
Cathedral City, California.

Thatís it for now

Posted November 10
I goofed Amazon will post all the reviews written. Because it took a while for one I knew was written, I erroneously assumed that they only posted three. Now there are seven wonderful reviews for An Alternative Lifestyle  posted on Amazon and I am awarding all which were written before November 5th a copy of the new book Movin' On---. Let's do this again with the new book. Your reviews are really wonderful.

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