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April through December 2008
January through April 2008
September, October, November and December 2007
June, July, August 2007
March, April, May 2007
February 2007
We report on the MountainBrook Village play that Barb directed.
January 2007
We report on our wonderful December cruise.
December 2006
November 2006
Halloween party in our community.
October 2006
September 2006
Our summer vacation to Michigan.
August 2006
We sold the last of our books. We are technically out of business but will keep the web site on the web although it won't be updated regularly. 
July 2006
We kept you posted as we sold the last of our books and reported 
on a family reunion and my first poker tournament in Vegas.
June 2006
May 2006
April 2006
Snow on our Superstition Mountains
March 2006
Our bus trip to Rocky Point, Mexico
February 2006
January 2006
December 2005
November 2005
October 2005
Part 2 of our first experience at home exchanging. 
September 2005
Our first experience at home exchanging. 
We moved to England temporarily.
August 2005
July 2005
June 2005
May 2005
April 2005
March 2005
February 2005
Barb and Ron work on the MountainBrook Village Players production of Rumors.
January 2005
The March 1997 issue of our old newsletter, Movin' On, was added to the web site.
December 2004
Thanksgiving in Kansas City, a new book for RVers and our sunny Christmas BBQ.
 November 2004
Halloween in Laughlin, Nevada
October 2004
September 2004
We added a new old news page to the web site.
August 2004
Our first cruise
July 2004
Another book for RVers is highlighted and Bar's most recent article. 
June 2004
We highlighted a couple of new books (one on full-timing and one regarding prostate cancer recovery).
May 2004
We showed the detail of our upcoming cruise and asked a new poll question.
April 2004
We have a new poll program and we announced our summer plans.
March 2004
More news from Gold Canyon
February 2004
Pictures from the play Barb was in.
January 2004
Busy activities in Mountainbrook include rehearsals for the play that Barb is in and 
full-timing seminars in Gold Canyon.
December 2003
Our first Christmas in our new home and a great link to a boondocking site.
November 2003
We posted news about seminars we will be doing in January.
October 2003
Only two days after we arrived back in Gold Canyon, we sold our American Dream motorhome.
September 2003
Iowa and Barb and Cec's bike trip on Iowa Route 3 from Akron to the east coast of Iowa. It wasn't exactly what Barb thought it would be. 
July & August 2003
 From our home in Gold Canyon, Arizona, back north via Snowflake, Canyon deChelly National Monument in northern Arizona and into Provo, Utah. Then we were in Idaho for the Life on Wheels conference and again picked up grandchildren in Spokane for their trip to Glacier and Yellowstone.  Read about the fires and how we handled the change. We ended up in Kansas City, Missouri the middle of August.
June 2003
Our little side trip to Agua Dulce, California, then our trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion Canyon National Parks with grandson Erkki. Also we left our home for the summer by heading north on U.S. 60 and U.S. 191. 
May 2003
More summer plans and pictures of the flowering plants in our neighborhood.
April 2003
We were still in Gold Canyon, Arizona, and show pictures of our house with furnishings as it is up to this date. We enjoyed lots of of company and write about summer's plans. 
March 2003
We were still buying more furniture and moving in. It is fun to see what we had to buy and put together. We started a Yahoo group so that everyone could ask questions and try to get answers. And we announced that we are having a rally here in Gold Canyon on October 2-5 of this year.
February 2003
Our quick trip across the US from Tampa to Mesa and our experiences of moving into our new home.
January 2003
Our month presenting seminars at Lazy Days RV Supercenter in Tampa, Florida.
December 2002
We spent the month at John Prince County Park in Lake Worth, Florida. Mostly we worked at daughter Glenda's bead shop.
November 2002
We spent a month at Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida, and enjoyed a rest from touring. We traveled to West Palm Beach at the end of the month. 
October 2002
We traveled from Vermont to New Jersey and visited New York City then Philadelphia before heading into Virginia. We ended the month by making a dash for Jacksonville, Florida.
September 2002
From Michigan to upstate New York then three wonderful weeks visiting three different areas of Vermont.
August 2002
From Spokane, Washington, across US 2 to Lansing, Michigan, with a stop in Minnesota to visit friends.
July 2002
From La Push to Bellingham, Washington and Lopez Island, to Ron's big birthday party in Leavenworth and on to the Life on Wheels in Moscow, Idaho, then our trip to Glacier National Park with two grandchildren. 
June 2002
From Palm Springs with a newly painted motorhome to stops along or near US 101. We stopped in Templeton, Monterey, Petaluma, Ykiah, Kalmeth in California and Brookings and Newport in Oregon and Long Beach, Ocean Shores and finally La Push in Washington.
May 2002
We were still in Palm Springs until we picked up the motorhome on May 22. We moved from the valley to Templeton, California (central coast).
April 2002
We drove to the Palm Springs area of California, then moved from the motorhome into a park model at Desert Shadows while our motorhome was being painted. 
March 2002
A month at View Point RV park in Mesa, Arizona doing all the things we needed to catch up on.
 February 2002
Our travels from Tampa to Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans include lots of Mardi Gras parades and good times along the gulf coast. We finished out the month by traveling non-stop to Arizona. 
January 2002
Our month of seminars at Lazy Days Super Center in Tampa, Florida, and a side trip to Tarpon Springs. 
December 2001
Thanksgiving and Christmas in West Palm Beach, Florida. 
November 2001
Columbia, South Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia and West Palm Beach Florida.
October 2001
Decatur, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, back to Decatur (for repairs), Ahseville, North Carolina and on to Winston Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina. 
September 2001
More time with family in Michigan, the terror on Sept. 11th, the death of Barb's mom and repairs at the factory in Decatur, Indiana.
August 2001
Our trip with our grandsons at Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, and our month in mid Michigan. We also visited Mackinaw City and some other places in northern Michigan.
In and around Glenns Ferry, Idaho and part of our vacation with our grandsons at Glacier and Yellowstone national parks. 
June 2001
Glenns Ferry, Idaho, and our volunteer work at Three Island State Park plus our side trips to Stanley and Boise. 
May 2001
From Mesa, Arizona, to Glenns Ferry, Idaho, via US 93 which went through Nevada. 
April 2001
Rally in the Valley and Barb's recuperation from surgery at Valle del Oro
March 2001
The third Movin' On Camp Out at Lost Dutchman State Park and
March at Valle del Oro RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona
February 2001
Feburary at Valle del Oro RV
Resort in Mesa, Arizona
January 2001
January at Valle del Oro RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona
December 2000
Christmas at Valle del Oro RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona
November 2000
Halloween and Thanksgiving at Valle del Oro RV Resort in Mesa, Arizona. 
October 2000
Our short visit to Huachuca, Arizona, the American Coach Rally in Tucson, and Halloween at Valle del Oro.
September 2000
from Michigan to Arizona via US Routes in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraksa, Kansas, 
and New Mexico.
August 2000
in Denver, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan
July 2000
in Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado
June 2000
in California, Oregon and Washington
May 2000 
in California
March/April 2000
from Texas to Arizona
 February 2000
Florida & Alabama
January 2000 
December 1999
In Texas waiting for repairs
November 1999
Our accident in Texas
October 1999
in Mesa, Arizona
September 1999
Buffalo, Wyoming, Grand Junction, Ouray and Silverton, Colorado, also the Petrified National Forest.
August 1999
North and South Dakota
July 1999 
From Michigan through Ontario around Lake Superior, Minnesota and eastern North Dakota.
June 1999
From Mesa, Arizona, to Indiana then Michigan.
May 1999
Spring in Mesa, Arizona
April 1999
The Fools Follies at Valle del Oro.
March 1999
Mardi Gras at Valle del Oro
February 1999
The second Movin' On camp out
January, 1999 
Mesa, Arizona, and Christmas in California.
December 1998
Thanksgiving and early December in Arizona.
November 1998
Valle del Oro
October 1998
Movin' On is progressing
August 1998
Travels in Montana, Alberta, Canada, Wyoming and Idaho.
June and July 1998
Vacation with grandsons in Utah
May 1998
March and April 1998